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The LIME ROCK team

Rosie Butler returned to New Zealand with Australian husband, Rodger Tynan, in 2000  to take up the challenge of  grape growing and winemaking in the limestone hills of Central Hawke's Bay.

Rodger Tynan -  Viticulture and ecology (Vit-ecologist)

Rodger's expertise is in ecology (Masters in Rangeland Ecology).  Brought up in Naracoorte, South Australia, now a prime limestone grape growing region, Rodger had a stint in the bank and then 5 years as a kiap (patrol officer in the New Guinea highlands). This led to his Masters at Roseworthy College/Adelaide University. It was at the Roseworthy pub that Rosie appeared on the scene, both having sat six hours of Chemistry exams that day.....

After 15 years monitoring the grazing impact on vegetation in the Australian outback (sometimes it took 12 hours to drive to work), Rodger (and Rosie) came to NZ.


Rosie Butler - Winemaker

Rosie is in home territory, having grown up on the family farm next door. With a practical laboratory background (Medical Laboratory Scientist) and some years of travel, Rosie started with Montana in 1974 and helped with the first two vintages (1977 and 1978) in Blenheim.

Rosie furthered her studies by gaining a BSC Appl. Sc. in Oenology and Viticulture at Roseworthy College in South Australia. She was part of the first New Zealand contingent to study there.  Rosie was then winemaker for Montana in Gisborne for 5 years.  Returning to Adelaide, she worked at Petaluma in the Adelaide hills and also taught wine appreciation to wine students.

Rosie's experience in quality control ensures wines are finished to exacting standards.


Picking Team 2016

Our 2016 team comprises a mix of French, Kenyan, Kiwi and locals.

Picking the Cabernet Franc in J Block - the last pick for 2016, although we did pick some late harvest Sauvignon Blanc later!








Rodger Tynan, viticulturist

Rodger Tynan, Viticulturist


Rosie Butler, winemaker

Rosie Butler, Winemaker